Zoom with Nick: Favorite Sewing Tools

We'll cover my favorite sewing tools during this 45-minute webinar. I’ll share my favorite tools that I have in my studio - whether for garments, quilting, or just every day this and that sewing.nn

Draping Webinar for Club Members

Description: Draping is a useful way to start a pattern. It is basically taking fabric (I’ll be using muslin) and draping it on a dress form to get the shape and design that you want. Today I will show you how to drape a pattern for a basic top, both front and back, then once […]

Draping: Bodice Manipulation Webinar for Club Members

Description: Draping: Bodice Manipulation. In this webinar, we’ll take the bodice drape we did last time and I’ll show you how to manipulate the bodice sloper (pattern) into different shapes and how to move the darts or get rid of them entirely…. This is the start to making or changing your patterns so that they fit […]

Skirt Draping Webinar for Club Members

After Draping the bodice and learning how to manipulate darts and shape, we move on to the next draping challenge. Today I will show you how to drape a pattern for a basic skirt, both front and back, then once we have it draped on the dress form we'll make a paper pattern out of […]

Skirt Draping Manipulation Webinar

Description: In our last class, we learned how to create a drape pattern for a basic skirt, both front and back and on the dress form. Making a paper pattern out of it. In today's webinar, we will take that skirt pattern created in the last webinar and design some new styles with it! You'll […]

Torso Draft Webinar

Description: This is the portion of our draping webinars, where we are going to put the two drapes that we have done already ( top and skirt ) together to create one piece. This is called a torso draft, which is basically a dress without a waistline. This technique is the basis for many types […]

Sleeve Draft Webinar

Description: This is where we put the last touch on the “Tops” portion of the draping webinar series. The sleeve. We will look at both draping and drafting a sleeve. Both based on the bodice sloper we did in the very first session. You can now create tops dresses and outerwear with sleeves. All that’s […]

Bias Tunic / Dress Webinar

Description: I’ve been working with my friend Julianne Bramson of Bias Cut Blueprints, and she showed me a basic Bias tunic from the 30’s (probably much earlier than that).  We decided to add a few things to make it a little more current and wearable. It can be a tunic, a dress, a coverup, whatever […]

Bias Cut Tunic Webinar – Part Two

Join me on September 21st at 11am MT, for part two of the Bias Cut Tunic webinar series. In this class, we will learn how to finish up the bias cut tunic that we've already started. This is going to be all about fitting, edges and hems. Look forward to seeing you then! In order […]