Beginning Knitting Series – Class Three: A cowl

This series of knitting classes are tailored for the beginner or perhaps someone who has never knitted before. This will continue with the concepts learned in the first class, and take them a step further with the addition of Cables, combining stitches to form a pattern and using different weight yarn and different size needles. […]

Torso Draft Webinar

Description: This is the portion of our draping webinars, where we are going to put the two drapes that we have done already ( top and skirt ) together to create one piece. This is called a torso draft, which is basically a dress without a waistline. This technique is the basis for many types […]

Sleeve Draft Webinar

Description: This is where we put the last touch on the “Tops” portion of the draping webinar series. The sleeve. We will look at both draping and drafting a sleeve. Both based on the bodice sloper we did in the very first session. You can now create tops dresses and outerwear with sleeves. All that’s […]

Everyone Needs Closure – Two Day Studio Class

Dragonfly Creative Studio 631 Sherman St, Ridgway, CO

Description: “Everyone Needs Closure” With Amee McNamara of Running With Scissors & Nick Coman of Dragonfly Creative. This is going to be an amazing first class for Dragonfly Creatives (almost newly) remodeled building. This is a two day class that is fun and fast paced with lots of instruction. The in studio classes will be on Saturday, August […]

Bias Tunic / Dress Webinar

Description: I’ve been working with my friend Julianne Bramson of Bias Cut Blueprints, and she showed me a basic Bias tunic from the 30’s (probably much earlier than that).  We decided to add a few things to make it a little more current and wearable. It can be a tunic, a dress, a coverup, whatever […]

Bias Cut Tunic Webinar – Part Two

Join me on September 21st at 11am MT, for part two of the Bias Cut Tunic webinar series. In this class, we will learn how to finish up the bias cut tunic that we've already started. This is going to be all about fitting, edges and hems. Look forward to seeing you then! In order […]

Yoga Waist Yoke Pants Webinar

Join me on October 12th at 11am MT, for the Yoga Waist Yoke Pants webinar!  This class is all about how to add a yoga waist to any pattern or even an existing pair of pants or a skirt.  The technique is a game changer for comfort.  This easy pattern hack is a great way […]

Thread Sketched Mug Rug Webinar

Join me on October 26th at 11am MT, for my Thread Sketched Mug Rug Webinar! In this class, we are going to learn a quick way to practice your thread sketching/free motion skills. As well, we are going to be adding a little bit of color by way of Inktense pencils, fabric paint, fabric markers, […]

Knock Off Tee Shirt Webinar

Join me on November 12th at 11am MT, for my Knock Off Tee Shirt Webinar! Knock off your favorite tee and make it better! This webinar is about creating your perfect tee shirt. Take your own shirt (one that fits is best) and we will make a pattern out of it. We will talk about […]

Change Your Tee Pattern into a Tunic Webinar

Join me on November 23rd at 11am MT, for the "Change your tee into a tunic webinar"! This will be a continuation of the first webinar where we knocked off the tee shirt. Today we’re going to take the basic tee pattern and turn it into a tunic. Sleeves, necklines and lengths will be discussed […]


Description: This webinar will build on the last one that Nick did with the tee shirt knockoff. Take that new pattern and create a holiday look with your new pattern. Nick will show you how to add things like lace, mesh and even sequins. Make a tee, make a tunic or make a dress it’s […]

Fiber Friday Event!!

Dragonfly Creative Studio 631 Sherman St, Ridgway, CO

Join us for Fiber Fridays, where you can bring your sewing, quilting, knitting or any type of fiber project to my studio and enjoy the space, use of the all equipment and other tools.  We will provide coffee and snacks, while I will be there to answer questions and assist you with your specific project!  […]