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A note from Nick

Hello dear friend, 

Do you ever feel stuck and a little frustrated at your current artistic level? Maybe you know you can create more than you’re doing right now, you’re just not sure what the next step looks like? 

Well, rest assured, you are perfect the way you are—the knowledge just hasn’t reached you yet!  

You are capable of learning a new skill or perfecting a technique, and I will help you discover your learning style and uncover the confidence you need to create beautiful art!  

Ready to join me? For less than $4 a week, you can be part of my growing community of artisans as we share trade secrets, learn from one another, and perfect our craft.  

Space is limited, so I hope you will save your spot today. Click here to join now.  



P.S. If you’re still not sure, watch the video!

What is “A Place to Create” Subscription Club? 

For $14.95 per month, you will have access to Nick Coman’s Live Videos (and the amazing guests he invites to join him!) exclusive discounts on Creative Kits, and special how-to articles created for club members only! 

It’s like having “in-person” access to Nick right from your laptop.


“Nick has both immense creativity and color sense as well as great people skills, and wonderful design and sewing skills.” ~ Roberta M.

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