Latest Past Events

Bias Cut Tunic Webinar – Part Two

Join me on September 21st at 11am MT, for part two of the Bias Cut Tunic webinar series. In this class, we will learn how to finish up the bias cut tunic that we've already started. This is going to be all about fitting, edges and hems. Look forward to seeing you then! In order […]

Bias Tunic / Dress Webinar

Description: I’ve been working with my friend Julianne Bramson of Bias Cut Blueprints, and she showed me a basic Bias tunic from the 30’s (probably much earlier than that).  We decided to add a few things to make it a little more current and wearable. It can be a tunic, a dress, a coverup, whatever […]

Everyone Needs Closure – Two Day Studio Class

Dragonfly Creative Studio 631 Sherman St, Ridgway

Description: “Everyone Needs Closure” With Amee McNamara of Running With Scissors & Nick Coman of Dragonfly Creative. This is going to be an amazing first class for Dragonfly Creatives (almost newly) remodeled building. This is a two day class that is fun and fast paced with lots of instruction. The in studio classes will be on Saturday, August […]