Discover the Magic of Ridgway with our Travel Guide!

Dragonfly Creative Building

Join us at 7,048 ft for breathtaking views, witty banter, and endless opportunities to learn with a creative community.

Acclimation to Elevation

Don't Wait. Hydrate!

Our bodies lose water and salt faster at higher altitudes, so drink plenty of liquids so that you can make the most of your time here.

Limit Alcohol

The oxygen deprivation and dehydrating effects of alcohol are exacerabated at elevation. We recommend that you wait to indulge and be prepared to consume less than usual.

Nutritional Nudges

A higher calorie diet can help your body sustain the effort of acclimation. Foods high in potassium are particularly helpful.

Slow & Steady

Ascend gradually to allow yourself time to adjust. Make sure you prioritize sleep and ease into exercise.

Shade & Sunscreen

Seek out protection from the sun via sunscreen, sunshirts, hats, sunglasses, and chapstick with UV protection. 

Keep Breathing

Exhale slowly and gently through pursed lips, making the exhalation longer than the inhalation. You can try this regularly, especially during physical activity or when you experience altitude sickness symptoms.

Consult Physician

If you have pre-existing medical conditions, like heart or lung disease, diabetes, sickle cell anemia, or severe pulmonary hypertension, you should talk with a doctor before traveling to high elevation. You can also consider taking preventive medications, such as Ibprofen.


The Chipeta Lodge

– Complimentary Breakfast

– Full Spa Services

– Outdoor Pool

The MTN Lodge Ridgway

– Pet Friendly

– Dining Options On-Site

– Patio & Side Yard

Hotel Palomino

– Pet Friendly

– Local Landscaping

– Hot Springs Package Deal


Gnar Tacos

– Tacos with a Twist

– Tots & Nachos

– Dog Friendly Patio

Kismet Cafe

– Mediteranean Cuisine

– Coffee & Baked Goods

– Dog Friendly Patio

Eatery 66

 – Eclectic Offerings

– Delicious & Nutritious

– Dog Friendly Patio

Bella Vino

– Italian Inspired Fine Dining

– Open Every Day

– Formerly Bon Ton of Ouray


– Barbaric Elegance

– Sustainable Practices

– Outdoor Seating (Even in Winter!)


OurWay Public Transportation

– Montrose

– Ridgway

– Ouray

Montrose Airport Shuttles

– Shuttle Services

– Rental Services

– Regional

Explore & Connect

Realm Supply Logo

Realm Supply

Run by Tia Mihelarakis, a fellow fiber arts enthusiast. Realm Supply is a unique boutique boasting statement pieces to weave into your wardrobe as well as other interesting items.

Ridgway FUSE Logo

FUSE Creative Directory

Ridgway is part of Ouray County’s Creative District. FUSE’s page hosts a directory of our local artists, businesses and regular social hours for artists and entrepreneurs.

San Juan Potters' Guild Logo Screen Shot

San Juan Potters' Guild

The San Juan Potters’ Guild is located right when you get into the main stretch of Ouray from the North. You can take pottery  lessons and find a variety of local artwork for sale.

Minerva West Theatre Company Logo

Minerva West Theatre Company

Nick often graces the stages of these performances. He also works behind the scenes with the costumes. It’s worth checking out their schedule.

Sherbino Logo

The Sherbino

The Sherbino hosts a variety of shows, talks and opportunities to expand your perspective. They also have the 610 Arts Collective full of beautiful and ecclectic artwork.

Wright Opera House Logo

The Wright Opera House

The Wright Opera House is the place to go in Ouray for entertainment. Options include movie nights, music performances and more!

Basecamp Ouray Logo

Basecamp Ouray

Bouldering Gym, Via Ferrata, Rock Climbing and Ice Climbing opportunities in the middle of Ouray. They also have a work space for remote workers!

Second Chance Humane Society Logo

Second Chance

Volunteer to walk dogs at the local humane society! They have trails, ponds and a variety of fenced in yards to explore with a furry friend or two.

Canyoneering Colorado Logo

Canyoneering Colorado

Only about 15 minutes South of Ridgway, Canyoneering Colorado provides an opportunity to stay cool while exploring various nooks of the San Juan Mountains.

Ridgway Railroad Museum

Ridgway Railroad Museum

The exhibited rail equipment is available for public viewing at all times. It is operated on Fridays and Saturdays during Spring, Summer & Fall 10am-2pm.

Ridgway Ranch History Museum

Ranch History Museum

Programs aim to increase awareness and appreciation of Ouray County’s past and present rural lifestyles and cultural heritage while helping to facilitate open land conservation.

Ouray County Historical Society

Museum in Ouray

Through archives, exhibits, programs, and events, The Ouray County Historical Society educates the public about our recent history and the people who shaped it.

Ute Museum Logo

Ute History Museum in Montrose

Exhibits focus on the Ute peoples’ history of adaptation and persistence, and unfold around a central theme of geography, highlighting significant locations in Ute history. Exploration of the local history is not complete without learning about its original inhabitants and how they have been impacted by the introduction of new people.