Latest Past Events

Sleeve Draft Webinar

Description: This is where we put the last touch on the “Tops” portion of the draping webinar series. The sleeve. We will look at both draping and drafting a sleeve. Both based on the bodice sloper we did in the very first session. You can now create tops dresses and outerwear with sleeves. All that’s […]

Torso Draft Webinar

Description: This is the portion of our draping webinars, where we are going to put the two drapes that we have done already ( top and skirt ) together to create one piece. This is called a torso draft, which is basically a dress without a waistline. This technique is the basis for many types […]

Beginning Knitting Series – Class Three: A cowl

This series of knitting classes are tailored for the beginner or perhaps someone who has never knitted before. This will continue with the concepts learned in the first class, and take them a step further with the addition of Cables, combining stitches to form a pattern and using different weight yarn and different size needles. […]