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Kids across the country are out of school, which means parents are desperately trying to figure out how to keep them engaged while also juggling work, and the impacts of social distancing. 

Sewing may be the one thing that is keeping you calm and grounded, and now may be the time to introduce your kids to your hobby!

Whether they’ve tried in sewing before or have never shown any interest, here are five ways to introduce your kids to the beauty of sewing and keep them engaged.

Give age-appropriate tasks

Fostering a love of sewing can start long before a child is old enough to work a sewing machine or thread a needle. Asking them to help you with sorting fabrics, cutting, or measuring can help younger kids get involved in the sewing process. 

Project ideas for younger kids include:

  • Sewing buttons on socks
  • Basic teddy bears
  • Doll clothes
  • Pillowcases

And older children who have a little more hand-eye coordination may be able to try more challenging tasks such as:

  • Small messenger bags/purses
  • Lightweight blankets
  • T-shirts
  • Makeup organizers

Sticking to age-appropriate tasks and projects will help them stay engaged and get excited about the process. 

Let them pick the project

Keep your child’s interests and attention span in mind when choosing your first project together. Younger children may not have the ability to focus on a large scale project like sewing an entire outfit or crocheting a blanket. They may do better with smaller-scale projects that can be completed in one or two sittings. 

Pro Tip: Let them create something for a toy or animal they love! Help them make clothes for a doll or a jacket for a small family dog.  

They may get excited about sewing a gift for their friend or something they can frame and give as a gift to their grandparents. 

Giving them a say in the project can help them stay focused and motivated. 

Learn together

One way to get kids excited about sewing is by stepping away from the machine and fabric and learning new techniques together. 

You can do this by watching Youtube videos, browsing sewing websites, and reading books together. 

This allows you to spend quality time together, plus you’re both learning in the process! 

Pro Tip: Some kids learn better by watching someone else and then attempting the technique on their own. 

Follow their lead 

Learning to sew takes practice, and it can be easy for parents to try and enforce daily sewing sessions to establish a sense of consistency and routine. 

However, forcing children to get their daily sewing in can easily transform a fun and enjoyable hobby into a chore. Give them opportunities to practice, and don’t push too hard if they aren’t in the mood. They will be more motivated and focused if they are doing it because they want to instead of being told to do it. 

In an age where kids’ focus can be all over the place, parents are always looking for ways to connect with their children in meaningful ways. Sewing can take their eyes off the screen for a little bit, get their brain, eyes, and hands all working together, and create a space where parents and kids can just be together. 

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