Only Fiber Arts Studio in Ridgway, Colorado!

“Everyone Needs Closure” With Amee McNamara of Running With Scissors & Nick Coman of Dragonfly Creative.

This is going to be an amazing first class for Dragonfly Creatives’ newly remodeled building. This is a two-day class that is fun and fast-paced with lots of instruction.

The in-studio classes will be on Saturday, August 28th and Sunday, August 29th, from 9 am – 4 pm MT. 

Day One: Build your Jacket with Nick. Fabric and patterns will be supplied. The fabric will be one of some of the most beautiful hand-dyed rayon you’ve ever laid hands-on with several different colorways to choose from. The jacket will be able to be finished with the possibility of having to finish hems at home.

Day Two: Build your Toggle Closure with Amee. Kits will be supplied that match the different colorways of fabric. Amee is known for her vibrant colors and amazing designs. You can check out some of her products and classes here!

$150.00Pricing for the class including all of the materials stated above.

The class is limited to 20 participants. So, be sure to sign up here asap!

Supplies to bring with you: A sewing machine if you are local, or select your fabric choice with one of the machines at the shop. This will be first come first serve. Basic sewing supplies: Fabric shears, sharp scissors, rotary cutter (and mat if you wish), thread in a neutral color, (tan, black, navy, or grey usually cover it), and a small spool of coordinating thread for your project. If you need magnifiers or extra light for the beading portion, please bring those. The lighting is good in the store, but I understand needing just a little more!