Many of us are spending a lot more time at home these days, and we are facing uncertainties about if and when things will go back to normal. Sewing can be a therapeutic way to manage stress, and help you stay busy when options for entertainment are limited. 

Sewing has even been linked to: 

  • Improving focus and hand-eye coordination
  • Boosting overall happiness
  • Supporting brain development
  • Helpful in preventing and fighting mental conditions like dementia 

As you adjust to your new schedule and changes caused by this global pandemic, sewing can be a calming way to help you stay grounded and help others in the process.

Managing Anxiety 

One of the most significant benefits of sewing (besides creating beautiful masterpieces) is that it can help manage anxiety. If you are new to sewing, learning the careful movements and techniques will require careful and uninterrupted focus. This intentional focus allows you to shift your brain from the things that may be worrying you and allows you to focus solely on the project in front of you.

Alternatively, if you are working on a familiar project or technique, the repetitive actions and fluid movements of sewing can bring you to a state of relaxation. 

Sitting in a comfortable place and sitting still and quiet while still productive, can help establish a sense of normalcy and control during a time when nothing feels normal. 

Filling in the gaps

You may not realize how much brain exercise and stimulation you get while at work until you spend an extended time away from the office. If you typically work with your hands, you may feel antsy at home without something to keep your hands busy.  

Sewing can help fill in these gaps. It works different areas of your brain, and requires deep concentration and focus. You’re also problem-solving and thinking creativing as you sew. 

These are all areas that may not be getting as much attention during this season of social distancing, and sewing can help provide enrichment and necessary “brain work.” 

Giving Back

In a matter of weeks, thousands of at-home sewing enthusiasts stepped up and put their sewing skills to use to help our nation fill the mask deficit. In a time when it can be easy to feel helpless, sewing can help you feel like you are contributing to a solution. 

Even if you aren’t making masks, you can use your sewing skills to create gifts to give to friends and family (once we are allowed to get together again) to help boost morale and keep spirits high. 

Stay Connected

Thanks to video conferencing, people are finding ways to connect with others during a time that has the potential to be very isolating. If you are usually part of a sewing circle, you could use technology to connect with others and share your love for sewing. 

You could even teach online sewing classes for children who are out of school or take a lesson yourself. Social distancing doesn’t have to mean social isolation!

Consider using this extended time at home to introduce family members to sewing. If your kids are usually too busy rushing with school and social activities, they may not have the time or energy to focus on your hobby. But now, they do! Your spouse or roommates may even want to get in on the fun! 

Novice seamstress? Now’s the time to learn!

Our days at home are the perfect time to learn something new. If you’re new to the sewing world, you can use this time to explore sewing websites, watch videos, and learn sewing basics. 

Start by dedicating a small amount of time each day to learn a new technique. This way, when we are finally allowed to come back together, you can impress friends and family with your new skills. 

If you’re interested in taking a class, check out our list of upcoming online classes!