Bias Pieced Scarf Class


This class is a simple way to make a bias scarf that can be either pieced or a whole piece of fabric. Bias scarves are a wonderful way to dress up and outfit for any occasion. 

In this class we will make a bias scarf out of a rectangle of fabric. We will sew on the straight of grain and end up with a beautiful drapable bias scarf. All you need is some fabric, thread and a sewing machine that will do a straight stitch. 

Student supply list:

Fabric for the scarf. It needs to be a woven fabric, not a knit and needs to have some drape. Rayon, silk, linen, soft cotton. Poly is good too as long as it is drapable and woven. You will need a piece, thread to match, a machine in good condition, and basic sewing supplies.

Kits to become available to order in the near future.