Only Fiber Arts Studio in Ridgway, Colorado!

April has me in a creative mood — but let’s be honest, I’m always feeling creative!

I wanted to share what I’ve been up to lately and update you on some amazing projects coming soon!

Finally, traveling again!

And boy, did it feel good to be out and about. Last month, I headed to Lakeland, Florida to teach classes and enjoy some S U N! 

Self-care is a love language, isn’t it?

I recently shared some ways that you can practice self-care with knitting. In case you missed it, catch up here. Self-care is so important to me, so you’ll be seeing blogs pop up from time to time that addresses heart care to keep you thriving!

If you find that post resonates with you, then you may want to join my beginning knitting series that is coming up. I’ll also be opening up an intermediate course too so stay tuned for dates and more info!

Have you worked with Soy wax Batik before?

I also have a Soy wax Batik class coming up soon! I teach different ways and techniques to achieve dynamic results with Soy wax Batik and Ice Dying. It will be a one-day workshop that involves techniques for various styles of folding, including shibori-type folds, design with the wax and dye application.

Did you know that Soy wax is eco-friendly and easy to use? And best of all it washes out with hot water and soap! 

I hope you’re enjoying some fresh spring sunshine, and have a great rest of your April!

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