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Do you like to drape when you’re creating a pattern?

I find that it’s a useful way to get the shape and design that you want. During my upcoming Draping Series, I will show you how to drape for a basic top, both front and back, then once we have it draped on the dress form, we’ll make a paper pattern out of it. 

I recommend various tools when draping and here’s a quick list to consider:

  • Dressing Form – there is a variety to choose from so pick the one that works best for the projects you’ll be doing. 
  • L Square Ruler – this ruler has two arms and is 24 inches
  • French Curve Ruler – super helpful for measuring necklines, etc.
  • Tape Measure – a must-have for any project involving clothes
  • Muslin – handy to have for sizing
  • Straight Pins – don’t skimp here, quality matters!
  • Pin Cushion – or something where you want to put your excess pins
  • Awl, Notcher, Pencils, and Tailor’s Chalk will make draping a breeze!
  • Scissors – or shears if you prefer
  • Style Tape, Tracing Wheel, and Yardstick to round out your repertoire.

Draping 411 from Mood Fabrics

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Helpful Terms to Make Draping a Breeze

You may see different abbreviations like SH or BL when you’re draping, so here’s a quick list of what the abbreviations stand for.

  1. SH-shoulder line
  2. NB-neck band
  3. Armhole/Armscye
  4. PL-princess line
  5. Apex/BP-bust point
  6. BL-bust line
  7. CF-center front
  8. SS-side seam
  9. WL-waistline
  10. HBL-Horizontal balance line

I have a feeling this Draping Series is going to be so fun, so we’ll meet a few times and drape everything from skirts to sleeves and even pants! 

This is a special series for all of my subscribers, so if you’re currently subscribed, use this link to login and tune in live on May 11th at 11am. 

If you’re not subscribed, sign up here so you can join us!


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