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The Dragonfly Creative team sat down with your favorite fiber artist, Nick Coman, to ask him ALL the things about life and art! Here’s what he had to say:

How did you get introduced to Fiber Arts? 

I had grandmothers on both sides that were sewers and needle workers. It always appealed to me because of the fibers themselves. I always loved the look and feel of yarn and fabric.

If you had to explain fiber art to someone who has never heard of it before, what would you say? 

Fiber arts describes art (or craft) that is created using fiber traditionally used in the production of fabric or yarn, as a medium. 

Where does Fiber Art originate from? 

A term coined in the 1950’s by Art historians and curators to describe the work of people who used fibers and textiles as a medium to create art as opposed to everyday objects (although the two are not always mutually exclusive.)

What are some fiber art techniques? 

Dyeing, beading, embroidery, quilting, garment making, weaving, spinning, felting, basketry, knitting, crochet…. You get the idea!

What are some examples of fiber arts?

  • Art quilts
  • One of a Kind garments 
  • Silk Paintings
  • Embroidery
  • Weaving
  • Felting
  • Printing
  • Knitting

All made specifically to be seen and appreciated for the work and intention of the artist.. 

What are some of your favorite fiber arts projects you’ve done? 

Some favorites are garments I have created, and I’m particularly fond of a few of the embroidered pieces I’ve done.

What is the most challenging part about getting started with fiber arts?

Figuring out which one to start with! There are so many facets to fiber arts, just choosing where to start is a challenge. Most people will be drawn to, or have an affinity for a particular form or practice. 

What resources do you recommend for someone getting started with this kind of art? 

Always check your local arts and crafts council, community activities roster, local shops that fabric or yarn, or just google “Fiber Art Near Me.”

Is Fiber Arts a hobby you can do on a budget? 

Upcycling has become an art form in itself. Look at my friend Michelle Paganini at to see some examples of her amazing craft. Another is with the Team of Julia McLeod and Sue Fox taking old silk ties and making really exquisite quilts with them. 

What is your favorite fiber to use and why? 

Being a garment sewer, I would have to say that it is a toss up between silk and linen. I love using them both because they have such personality, and are able to show up very sharp and formal, or sort of rumpled and laid back.  Keep in mind that I lived in California for years, so wool was not on my radar that much. Now I’m in Colorado, so who knows? 

Who are some fiber artists you admire, and why?

Valori Wells Kennedy is an amazing artist who over the years has designed fabric for various major companies, and now runs The Stitchin’ Post in Sisters, Oregon. It also happens that her mother Jean Wells Keenan is another of my favorites. FInd them here at and

Can kids do Fiber Art? 

They are probably some of the best fiber artists around! They haven’t learned all those rules that frequently tie us adults up in knots. They’re free to create. On a practical level, of course they can do fiber arts. Teach them embroidery or crochet or sewing. Start them small and they will have a lifetime love! 

Alright folks, that’s all we had time for today, but we’ll be back again soon with more of your questions, answered!